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 +====== Back to Basics ======
 +{{back_to_basics.jpg|Flyer cover for Back to Basics}}
 +//Bread and Circuses// with **Back to Basics**
 +**A Mayfest New Writing Commission and on tour** May - August 1993
 +//Bread and Circuses// are writer-performers:​ Alison Reid, Graham McKenzie, Mary McCann, Catherine Orr, Janet Paisley
 +===== The Show =====
 +Last Year the Act of Union. This year the act of union.
 +Overworking a phrase, the //Bread and Circuses// troupe of acclaimed writer-performers take a tongue-in-cheek look at the art of getting it together 1994 style.
 +An unholy union, laced with Victorian virtues and spiced with everlasting lust, **Back to Basics** mixes poetry and sketches in a fast and humorous look at contemporary modern love.
 +//Draws its strength on the power of the written word// - **Evening Times**
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