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 +====== Biting through skins ======
 +{{biting_through_skins.jpg|Book cover for Biting through skins}}
 +**Rookbook Publications ISBN 0 948475 14 5**
 +===== Reviews =====
 +Her poetry astonishes each time. By turns angry, humorous, heartfelt and poignant, it is always characterised by an impeccable eye for detail and an ear tuned to truth… a great poet… **Border Telegraph** --- //Stuart B. Kelly//
 +===== Extract =====
 +<box 50% round poetry | **Book Extract** - **Biting through skins**>
 +//**Biting through skins**//
 +She peels the apple\\
 +the effort\\
 +of biting through skin\\
 +too much.\\
 +The peel, red-bitter, white-sweet\\
 +curls in snake coils\\
 +onto pale wood.\\
 +In the bowl\\
 +more apples gleam\\
 +blushing at their own kind\\
 +Help yourself, she tells me\\
 +and I do\\
 +filling my hand with fruit.\\
 +The table snake browns\\
 +its skin shrinks.\\
 +A hiss\\
 +and my teeth cut\\
 +through bitter to the core.\\
 +Unwise I am always\\
 +biting through skins.
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