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 +====== Pegasus in Flight ======
 +{{pegasus_in_flight.jpg|Book cover for Pegasus in Flight}}
 +**Rookbook Publications** **ISBN 0 948475 04 8**
 +===== From the Back Cover =====
 +//... A fresh and welcome new talent on the Scottish cultural scene// - **Radical Scotland**
 +===== Reviews =====
 +Janet Paisley... whose assured but unshowy phrasemaking,​ dark figurative pallette and metrical elegance made her the most technically adroit poet on display... urgent writing from a writer of whom a great deal more will be heard... **The Herald** --- //Donny O'​Rourke//​
 +===== Extract =====
 +<box 50% round poetry | **Book Extract** - **Pegasus in Flight**>​
 +//**Pegasus in Flight**//
 +Now I will not sing to your snapping words\\
 +nor dance to your tapping foot.\\
 +My wings will no more bear your plucking,\\
 +my ear evades your clucking tongue.\\
 +And you can raise the whip\\
 +and you can draw the fist\\
 +and you can bare the fang\\
 +but I am gone.\\
 +Though sands were set to burn my feet\\
 +and snow bit sores into my limbs,\\
 +I learned the art\\
 +of walking on hot coals.\\
 +Now I am deaf while empty swamps cry feed me\\
 +and waters wail to find me sleeping in their deeps.\\
 +I am in the trees,\\
 +seeing the wood\\
 +and patient to good time,\\
 +pacing a climb that has no pinnacle.\\
 +You could not turn me now I am\\
 +and your desire could only squeeze\\
 +the last single shot that would\\
 +set me freer than.
 +</​box> ​
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