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 +====== The Killing of Women ======
 +{{the_killing_of_women.jpg|Flyer cover for The Killing of Women}}
 +//Bread and Circuses// with **The Killing of Women**
 +**A Mayfest New Writing Commission and on tour** May - August 1991
 +//Bread and Circuses// are writer-performers:​ Mary McCann, Alison Reid, Graham McKenzie, Catherine Orr, Janet Paisley
 +===== The Show =====
 +Four Glasgow writers join Falkirk poet **Janet Paisley** in a dramatic presentation of their own work. //The Killing of Women// examines several small deaths brought about by self, friends, family, employers, strangers and lovers while tracing a tragic narrative of ultimate loss. Through poetry and monologues, the writers tell a story that is recognisably relevant to the lives of contemporary women and men. Sometimes humorous, often disturbing, it is a study of corrupted relations between the sexes.
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