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 +====== The Lasses, O ======
 +{{the_lasses_o.jpg ​ }}
 +**'THE LASSES, O' by Janet Paisley** - EDINBURGH FESTIVAL FRINGE 2010
 +//a delightfully subtle act of subversion...//​ Sunday Herald {{ selloutshow_2010_150px.jpg}}
 +Midwife, relative, mother-in-law,​ smuggler, neighbour - five women who knew Robert Burns tell their stories in monologue and song, threading together the poet's life in a humorous, moving play.
 +Scotsman: //a powerful formula for a new perspective on Burns.//
 +Produced by **Component Parts**. Directed by **David Paisley**.
 +Starring **Suzanne Magowan, Margaret Fraser, Carrie-Ann English, Pamela Byrne, Natalie McConnon**
 +The Times: //skilfully written... original, amusing// - Reviews in the [[http://​​festival/​2010/​edinburghfringe/​thelassesobyjanetpaisleyreview-6083|Edinburgh Guide]], [[http://​​review/​9612|Three Weeks]], [[http://​​article/​28593-the-lasses-o/​|The List]], [[http://​​viewreview.aspx?​id=2367|Scotsman]]. Interview with the Director in [[http://​​article/​28563-five-questions-david-paisley/​|The List]].
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