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 +Hush, is that a trumpet sounding\\
 +or the sun blaring from the sky?\\
 +Wheesht, is that laughter tinkling\\
 +from the stars and could that be\\
 +the west wind’s gentler sigh?\\
 +Listen, oh listen for the language\\
 +of a heartbeat, in the rhythm of\\
 +each certain breath. For we come,\\
 +like the world to this moment,\\
 +to be silent witness to this love.\\
 +And what a happiness is here\\
 +rising for you, around these stones\\
 +what song it is that rings, what dance\\
 +will lead off from your wedding\\
 +in the vow to make each other home.\\
 +We are with you now, as always,\\
 +knowing love is all the guide you need\\
 +for marriage is not made in minutes\\
 +but moments strung in joy or sorrow\\
 +on a lifeline. It is made in deed.\\
 +//Janet Paisley//
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