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 +**Wi Thur Twa Rings**
 +Yeese are chippit new\\
 +intae the auld stane o time.\\
 +Here, awthing faws quate fur yeese,\\
 +here noo, sunlicht skirls,\\
 +rain diddles, the yirth birls.\\
 +Yeese are no alane\\
 +amang the hurlin constellations\\
 +but cleikit tae thon gird cried love.\\
 +Aulder than ony circle o staunin stanes,\\
 +shair as a snaw-ring roon the mune,\\
 +mairrige is.\\
 +Weer yer vows weel when kecklin\\
 +is the ale atween yeese\\
 +or when nicht draps like a bolster\\
 +doon the middle o yer bed.\\
 +Let the cauld shooder o the ben\\
 +aywis coorie ye kindly.\\
 +Let the sun aywis hunt ye\\
 +hooever daurk yon place.\\
 +We wha haud oor wheesht ken\\
 +thorns hae roses.\\
 +And when ye gang fae this day\\
 +the skinklin staurs gang wi ye.\\
 +When ye gang furrit fae this day,\\
 +the love that grew ye\\
 +growes wi ye\\
 +and mairrige is wrocht,\\
 +iron oan stane, haund in haund.\\
 +//Janet Paisley//
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