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 +**With These Rings**
 +You are fresh words\\
 +on the old stone of time.\\
 +Here, silence honours you,\\
 +here now, the earth turns,\\
 +the sun beats, the rain sings.\\
 +You are not adrift\\
 +among the wheeling constellations\\
 +but held by the hoop of love.\\
 +Ancient as the ring of standing stones,\\
 +prophetic as a snow-ring round the moon,\\
 +marriage is.\\
 +Wear your vows well when laughter\\
 +is the wine between you\\
 +or when night lies like a bolster\\
 +down the middle of your bed.\\
 +May the cold shoulder of the hill\\
 +always afford you shelter.\\
 +May the sun always seek you\\
 +however dark the place.\\
 +We who are wordless know\\
 +thorns have roses.\\
 +And when you go from this day\\
 +the burnished stars go with you.\\
 +When you go forward from this day,\\
 +the love that grew you\\
 +grows with you\\
 +and marriage is struck,\\
 +iron on stone, hand in hand.\\
 +//Janet Paisley//
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