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 +**Words for my Daughter**
 +Come, the cap of birth is dry,\\
 +my labouring is done, your cry\\
 +has split the world'​s roof.\\
 +Be comforted, the womb\\
 +returns to wrap around you.\\
 +Sweet darkness, velvet-blood\\
 +from which you came, as night\\
 +will cup you again, again\\
 +move you outward into light;\\
 +a brilliance to be danced in\\
 +is life. Your staggering steps\\
 +will grow to trust this earth;\\
 +it meets both sure and unsure feet.\\
 +That shifting pain will shape\\
 +the edges that define you.\\
 +Know the body that confines\\
 +is a new kind of freedom\\
 +to find the fullness of you.\\
 +Move through yourself. See,\\
 +the future is with child\\
 +and needs your labouring.\\
 +Be done with pasts, walk away.\\
 +I'll watch. I'll guard your back,\\
 +blinded by my own time. Go forward\\
 +from the shadows mothers cast.\\
 +As old women shrink, rich fruit\\
 +seeds into the garden.\\
 +I have been. Now you. So live,\\
 +we have both shed our tears\\
 +for miracles, for coming new.\\
 +In birth-sleep heavy at my breast,\\
 +love child, first comes the dream\\
 +and then the making true.\\
 +//Janet Paisley//
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