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 +====== Ye Cannae Win ======
 +{{ye_cannae_win.jpg|Book cover for Ye Cannae Win}}
 +**[[http://​|Chapman]] ISBN 0 906772 96 6**
 +===== From the Back Cover =====
 +//Ye Cannae Win// is the first collection of her monologues which have an uncanny ability to capture the human voice and express the innermost depths of thought and feeling of ordinary people.
 +===== Reviews =====
 +**Ye Cannae Win** - a wonderful collection… Undoubtedly the finest collection of vernacular monologues by a Stirlingshire witch to emerge so far this year - **Scotsman** --- //Books in Brief//
 +===== Extract =====
 +<box 50% round prose | **Book Extract** - Ye Cannae Win>
 +**Sarah**: //Stranger Danger//
 +Ma da says ee’s gittin a new caur. \\
 +N’ah says see r’at man roon n’corner \\
 +s’got a funny motor, \\
 +s’got lectric windaes, \\
 +s’got a compewur in it, \\
 +s’got a wee man in it says \\
 +Few-elle is low. \\
 +N’ma da says whit’ve ah telt you? \\
 +N’ah says at’s no sweerin. \\
 +N’ma da says mind yer cheek. \\
 +Gaun in strange motors? \\
 +Whaur’s yer heid? \\
 +Whit’ve ah said aboot gaun wi strangers? \\
 +N’ah says s’man roon n’air. \\
 +N’ma da says aye, n’at’s whit you say! \\
 +Whit dae you ken? \\
 +Jist you walk hame. \\
 +A wee man in it! \\
 +Be waantin ye tae go \\
 +an see ees puppies next. \\
 +N’ah says hus ee got puppies? \\
 +N’ma da says Naw, an they never huv. \\
 +Onywey, it micht be a rabbit. \\
 +but you wullnae see it. \\
 +So dinnae you be gaun \\
 +in ony mair strange caurs \\
 +r’ah’ll gie ye the back ae ma haun. \\
 +N’en, whin ah came oot the school \\
 +is motor stops, ini man says \\
 +m’oan you, ah’ll gie ye a run hame. \\
 +N’ah says naw, ye wullnae. \\
 +N’ee says, ae ye stupit? \\
 +Git in, ah’ve no got aw day. \\
 +N’ah says spect ye’ve got a puppy. \\
 +N’ee says Sarah, ah’m yer daddy. \\
 +N’ah says aye, n’at’s whit you say. \\
 +Ee skelpt ma lug! \\
 +N’ee says at’s fur yer cheek. \\
 +Noo ye kin walk hame. \\
 +Spec ee hud a rabbit up ees jook.
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